Law Firm

Founded in January 2010, the Law firm’s objective is to offer its clients high quality services, based on a profound knowledge and a longstanding professional experience.

Directed by an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, the Law firm will privilege with its clients, with competitors and with the competent authorities, namely the tax authorities, relationships based on reciprocal respect and transparence.

The Law firm offers its services in French, English, German and Italian. The mastery of foreign languages and the constant strive for excellence through continuous formation and publications, in Switzerland and abroad, are characteristics of the Law firm.

In an international context, the Law firm has the privilege to be able to rely on a net of outstanding professional correspondents namely in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States of America.

SGC Avocat
Etude Sibilla G. Cretti
Case Postale 271
CH-2002 Neuchâtel

Tel +41 32 725 12 07
Mob +41 79 895 69 88